Welcome to The (Lost) Art of English Conversation. I’m Dr. Justin Bennett, your guide on a transformative journey towards elevated conversations, genuine connections, and meaningful relationships.

Struggling to Connect? I’ve Been There.

Like you, I know the frustration of failing to connect with others through conversation. For years, I often felt unheard and misunderstood, whether speaking in my native English or my second language, Spanish. And the struggle to truly hear and understand others was equally painful. As a result, both my personal and professional relationships suffered.

Fortunately, those challenging days are now a distant memory. Today I experience genuine connections through authentic conversations and enjoy meaningful relationships in every area of my life. And I’m here to help you achieve the same transformation. In fact, my life mission is to empower people like you to create the genuine connections and grow the meaningful relationships they need and desire in their lives, and to do so with confidence and ease.

From Theory to Real Life

With an extensive professional and personal background in cross-cultural communication and a Ph.D. in Bilingual Education, I offer a distinctive blend of academic expertise and real-world insight with my consulting services. This unique combination allows me to empathize with the struggles faced by both native and non-native English speakers in their quest for genuine connections and meaningful relationships. And it qualifies me to serve as their guide.

Beyond my roles as a language teacher, university language professor, and communication consultant, my life’s journey has provided me with countless diverse conversational encounters, both throughout the English-speaking world and in numerous other countries. These experiences have sharpened my ability to genuinely connect and grow meaningful relationships with people from different communities and cultures. Thus, my commitment to helping others master the (lost) art of English conversation goes beyond theory; it’s deeply rooted in real life.

I’m not just a consultant; I’m your dedicated partner in achieving your goals, providing you with the tools and support to transform your life.

Your Transformational Journey
to Conversational Mastery

My approach at The (Lost) Art of English Conversation is carefully designed to be your customized pathway to success in genuinely connecting with others and growing meaningful relationships through authentic conversations in English.

Here’s how I’ll guide you:

1. Customized Roadmap

Begin our journey with a comprehensive needs assessment, exploring your English conversational challenges and aspirations. Together, we create a customized roadmap that serves as a guide for our collaborative work.

2. Tailored Consulting Sessions

Dive into impactful one-on-one or group sessions where we focus on developing the critical mindsets and skills to create genuine connections and grow meaningful relationships through authentic conversations in English.

3. Real-Life Conversational Simulations

Engage in immersive role-playing scenarios directly aligned with your communication goals and receive constructive feedback to ensure continuous improvement.

4. Assignments for Ongoing Progress

Between sessions, complete purposeful assignments that reinforce your learning and empower you to apply new skills to real-world scenarios.

5. Progress Tracking & Reflection

Experience continuous assessment of your progress. Reflect during dedicated sessions where we discuss achievements and challenges, allowing for dynamic adjustments to the program based on your evolving needs.

Together, we go beyond enhancing your English conversational skills.
We open doors to genuine connections and meaningful relationships, empowering you to thrive personally and professionally.